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Guitar Magazine ...."A modern player all the way. Scott Boland has the chops and control to make his phrasing and melodic ideas soar - and they do!!!"

Guitar Player magazine  - "Scott checks in with a blustery shred boogie loaded with suave phrasing, impressive technical facility and a barrage of slinky triplet licks!!!"

Notes on Call - "Great groove, funky, bluesy and hard rockin'!"

Scott Boland - a guitarist with 20 years of performing and recording experience on his resume.

While his style is heavily rooted in hard groovin' blues and rock, Scott is recognized for his adaptation to all musical styles and situations. He has received exceptional reviews of his talent in "Guitar", "Guitar Player", "Guitar World" and numerous other music publications. He also appeared on the highly regarded "Guitar on the Edge" compilation series, which showcased the world's most proficient guitar talent.

While playing in a somewhat successful 80's style hard rock band in CT called Street Legal, Scott met Mike Vescera. Shortly after, they started working on writing material with an early version of MVP. After Mike's stint with Yngwie Malmsteen, he recruited Scott as the primary guitarist for the Michael Vescera Project (MVP) album "Windows".

Scott's next musical venture in the late 90's was playing with one of NYC's premier bands Furious Styles. FS combined an eclectic group of influences including funk, modern rock, ska, reggae and metal.

Scott was a clinician for the Tascam Corporation, where he focused on guitar recording techniques in the digital age. He has held endorsements from well-known companies like Ibanez guitars and Engl amplifiers.

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Scott uses Dimarzio PIckups

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